We offer classes for every level, and each class is specifically tailored to meet the needs of each student. Classes are available in 30, 45 and 60 minutes, and are provided once a week.

The lesson and time stays the same each week, unless otherwise noted in advance. Also, if an instructor is out sick, a substitute will be provided and the student is expected to still attend class.

We offer private music lessons in piano, guitar, drums, vocals, violin, cello and woodwinds.



The registration fee, which will be a one time non-refundable charge of $50, will allow us to help find the right instructor for your student and find the perfect time slot for the lesson. If you discontinue lessons, and re-register in the future, a new registration fee will be applied.


All Students are required to pay tuition to the academy on the first lesson of each month.
– Tuition will include 4 lessons, once a week, or 5 lessons for months with 5 weeks.
– Tuition can be paid by Check or Cash. For Credit Cards there will be an additional 3% charge
– For any payment received after the 24 hours from the first lesson, there will be a $20 late fee applied.


  1. Students are expected to keep their agreed schedule. Students are expected to show up to their lessons on time. Teachers are not responsible to make up for lost time due to student’s late arrival. 

  2. Within every calendar year, each student can cancel up to 4 lessons PROVIDED at least one business day advance notice is given. These 4 lessons are not refundable, however, they can either be credited or rescheduled. Cancellations beyond the fourth lesson will be charged and no make-up lessons will be provided.

Note: the above cancellation policies does not apply to observed holidays.

• New Year’s Day (December 31st and January 1st)
• Memorial Day (May)
• Independence Day (July 4th)
• Labor Day (September)
• Thanksgiving (late November, Thursday and Friday)
• Christmas (December 24th and 25th)

  1. Same day cancellations and any missed lessons (not coming to a scheduling lesson will be charged and there will be no make-up lesson or credit provided (this includes being sick the day of a scheduled lesson). 

  2. If the student cannot give one business day notice in case of an emergency,  Tavan Music Academy may arrange a makeup lesson with the instructor or a substitute. No credit will be given under these circumstances. 

  3. No show’s (not showing up for a lesson without advanced notice) will not be considered for make up lessons or credited. 

  4. Rescheduling will be provided upon the discretion of the teacher. Keep in mind that teachers have busy schedules. Tavan Music Academy has the right not to provide makeup lessons for those who are rescheduling multiple times and abusing the makeup privileges. 

  5. Any student who misses or cancels 4 or more lessons consecutively will not be guaranteed to keep their reserved lesson time and instructor. 

  6. Any cancellation for a Monday class should be notified to Tavan Music Academy by the Friday prior. 

  7. A substitute teacher will be provided for the student if the instructor cannot make the class. If a substitute cannot be provided in time, the lessons will be rescheduled or credited.


We highly encourage at least a three month commitment from new students.  However, if you withdraw this commitment, we must have at least 30 days advance notice. Tavan Music Academy does not issue refunds under any circumstances.


If you decide to change instructors or instrument, please give us a 14-day advance notice before the 1st of the month. If your current teacher is unable to teach a lesson, a substitute teacher will be arranged. If your regular teacher becomes unavailable, you will be provided a new teacher with similar teaching style, or the opportunity to choose a new teacher.


If your regular teacher becomes unavailable, you will be provided a new teacher with similar style, or the opportunity to choose a new teacher.  


$180.00 / Four lessons of 30 minutes each @ $45

$240.00 / Four lessons of 45 minutes each @ $60

$320.00 / Four lessons of 60 minutes each @ $80


This will allow you to continue taking lessons at  lower rate – however, we will not credit missed classes. Cancellation within 24 hour notice, can be rescheduled with a substitute teacher within the same month.  The makeup lesson are not refundable and will not be rescheduled for the second time. You must attend a minimum of 4 lessons per month to maintain this pricing model.

$160.00 / Four lessons of 30 minutes each @$40

$220.00 / Four lessons of 45 minutes each @$55

$280.00/ Four lessons of 60 minutes each @$70

For families with more than one student, a 5% discount will be applied on the 2nd and 3rd student.


There will be a $20 late charge for payment received after the 1st lesson of the month. Continuous late payments will result in your student losing their time slot.


The first lesson for any student on any offered classes is $20.00


For those who wish to put their lessons on hold, we will be charging a monthly fee of $25. This will allow us to hold your day and time of the lesson, so that when lessons resume in the Fall, everything will be as it was before you left! For those who wish to avoid this fee can do so at no obligation. To re-register in the fall, a new registration fee will be charged. 


We offer two recitals per year. Recitals are a unique opportunity to perform in front of an audience. We strongly encourage but do not require students to perform. Recital fees are $35.00 for each student and must be paid before the date of the recital.


We strongly encourage students to practice 5-7 days a week in addition to their lessons.  Ideal practice sessions would include completing their specific practice assignments, practicing with the metronome, and watching videos recommended by the instructor (if any). We recommend a practice time of 15-30 minutes daily. Practice can be broken up into several smaller sessions for younger students. Also, we ask students to make notes and write down questions they may have for their instructors.


For students under the age of 8, we highly recommend parents attending the lessons as well and take detailed practicing notes from the lesson. Please make sure your cell phone is turned off during the lesson. We also suggest supervising daily practice sessions to ensure the best results from your student’s lessons. We welcome discussion about your child’s progress at the beginning of your child’s lesson with the instructor.


Tavan Music Academy is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students.